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Milk Dud Cue Tips

This is our exclusive and proprietary take on a long standing favorite....the milk dud cue tip.

What is a milk dud tip?
For those who don’t know, milk duds are soft solid leather tips, usually Elk Masters, that have been soaked in milk and then compressed to a certain thickness or hardness. The amount of soaking time varies, but it seems like most people do it for around 24 hours. The idea is that by soaking these tips in milk, the fats in the milk are absorbed evenly by the tip, bonding to the leather causing it to swell up. Once the tips have been thoroughly soaked, they are then compressed, often between two steel plates or in a vice-like cue tip press. The compression dries out the tips, makes them denser, and hopefully gives them a more uniform hardness and feel. In short, you take soft tips and make them harder with milk and compression.

That's the standard description and basic process.  Ours differs slightly and we won't post our recipe here, but we would love you to try one.  Prices are per tip.

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