We've made some changes...

Our website has been rebuilt and improved from the ground up.  Originally, this website was going to be a multivendor site that sold custom cues from many cue makers all around the world.  That would have been pretty cool, but in practicality it was a tremendous amount of work and liability and the payoff would not be worth the risks.  In the end I changed directions and decided to focus only on my own work, but I am still ok with listing someone else's products on my site for a commission on a case by case basis.  Just reach out if you are interested.

Going from the multivendor platform to an individual platform without starting over introduced a lot of coding issues that just proved too difficult to overcome, so I dropped the old site completely and I rebuilt it from the ground up.  There is still some work to be done and there probably always will be.  The pictures on the new site are higher resolution, page speeds are faster, and the code is cleaner and more efficient.  The checkout experience has been greatly improved and I offer a couple of different ways to pay now.  That was really were I focused most.  There are still products to add back to the new site and I am going to try and be more active on the blogs, because I can see people actually read them now.  So, I will try and add new content on a regular basis.

Thanks for all the support, great feedback, and great email and text conversations.  You make me feel like I am building a network of friends and family instead of a business.  That's fantastic!

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