What's in the Shop!

Here is where I will show folks what we are working on from time to time.  I may add things like custom cues in progress to machinery and fixtures being built.

The first entry are pictures of a couple of Frank Paradise Tributes and I building right now for two customers.  There is still a few weeks of work left to do, but they are turning out quite nice.  Here they are fresh of the lathe.

Here is one of those butts with the finish applied, but note it hasn't been finish sanded and polished yet.  Should really pop when it's done.

Here is a forearm for a cue I am building for a customer right now.  I love the colors on this one.  It shown here straight on the lathe and wipe with water just for the photo.  When this one is done it will be a real stunner.

Here are a few more miscellaneous pictures of cues currently in the shop for your enjoyment.  Hope you like seeing some of the things we are working on.

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