Black Magic Shafts Are Here!

Our Kickstarter has ended, but we are excited to say that it is only the second billiards related Kickstarter project to ever be successfully funded to this point and we owe it all to you guys.  You can see and read more about what we did below and why we choose to launch on Kickstarter. 

Why did we post on Kickstarter?  Well, the reason was two fold.  We needed to draw attention to our new product, but also our website.  Previously, we were Strader Custom Cues so CueCrafters is a new site and name for a long existing business.  We have been around since 1989, but changed our name and business model to start hosting and selling other independent cue makers products along side ours in the near future.  In the meantime check out our new products

My project

Thank you for taking the time to review our campaign and watch our video.  I would like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself before telling you about our new product.  I've been building custom cues since 1989.  Pool is a passion of mine and I enjoy the intricacies and the art of building custom cues.  I've designed and built hundreds of cues over the years, but its always been more of a hobby than a business.  I enjoy doing it, but I make a living as an Engineer.  I am looking to change that with a new product I'm making.  I've recently been experimenting with carbon fiber materials and have developed a new low-deflection shaft I am very proud of.  Low-deflection carbon fiber cue shafts are not new, however they aren't yet mainstream either.  I purchased and played with all the popular models available today and noted their strengths and weaknesses, then set out to build one of my own.  What I came up with was extraordinary and I'd like to share it with others.  I named them "Black Magic Cue Shafts" obviously referring to the color of the materials used, but secondly for the magic its done for my game and that of the people participating in our test market.  I say that only partly in jest, because it has truly improved my game and my confidence in my stroke.  I really believe this shaft stands alone!

Black Magic Cue Shafts use proprietary construction techniques and materials engineered and sourced specifically to achieve the forward balance, hit, and feel that makes it perform exceptionally well! We did blind testing against other carbon fiber shafts and came out on top time after time in our test market.

So, what do we need help with?  Well, a couple of things.  The shaft plays great and is ready for mass production.  It will be available in all joint diameters and pin sizes.  We can even match a customers decorative joint rings upon request and for additional cost. The Kickstarter is to help raise additional money for bulk materials through pre-orders and to start getting the word out about our new shafts. Backers would get special pricing and special thanks for being part of the community that helped launch our new business.  We know you'll love the shaft and we love you for backing us.  I'm sure it will take your game to a new level as it did mine.  I hope you will give it a try today and better yet consider a full custom cue from us.  

My plan

So I designed and built an great what?  I intend to make it available to everyone.  I'd like to see this shaft be the standard others are measured against.  I want to use the life-long experiences I have gained in manufacturing and automation to mass produce these shafts right here in the USA in my own facility at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.   I've acquired a lot of materials and built most of the tooling and equipment I need to get started and now we are ready to push forward.  We are looking for early backers and pre-orders to hit the ground running and build a strong business and a loyal base of players.  We would like you to be one of them and come join us!


Our shafts are already priced under our competition, but we've discounted them even further for our backers here.  As an added bonus and we set aside a small quantity of shafts at a ridiculously low price for early bird supporters of our project.  If you're interested, then don't let that opportunity pass you by.  Take a moment to review our reward tiers and review some additional pics below for details about each reward.  

Here are some examples of the hand lettered typography t-shirt we designed in a few colors we plan to offer.  We'd love to see our backers out there using our equipment while sporting our shirt.  It would help spread the word about us and it's a pretty cool shirt!

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