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Frank Paradise Tribute cue

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You are not buying on the exact cue in the pictures on the left.  Each cue is hand made and may very slightly.  You would be purchasing a Frank Paradise Tribute Cue, which is too say this is made in the style of the legendary cue maker Frank Paradise.  I should note that this style is also very reminiscent of the early Palmer cues, as Eugene Balner (owner of Palmer Cues) was an employee and apprentice of Frank Paradise before starting his own company.

I love the style of the classic cues and this one has that look.  You could go out and buy an original Paradise or early Palmer, but this is a better choice in many ways.  First, no fear of damaging a collectible cue by treating it like an every day player.  Secondly, cues from that era were shorter and had fatter butts.  Modern cues are longer and the butt diameter has thinned down over the years.  Lastly, if you decide to go out and buy an original Paradise or Palmer window cue as you next playing cue it will carry someone else's name in the clear window that many of them had.  What fun is that?

What I am offering is a brand new hand made custom cue in the classic style of a Frank Paradise cue, but using modern materials, dimensions, and tasteful styling.  Furthermore it will have your name under the window along with "Original by Strader Cues" in the same style and fonts as the original Paradise Cues would have had.  Who wouldn't love that?

Contact me with questions and I look forward to making one of these classic beauties for you.

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