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Black Magic Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft

Cue Crafter’s Black Magic Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts are the best value going today.  A perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship to produce a high-performance low deflection shaft that doesn’t break the bank.  Most of our competitors use foam filled cores to dampen sound and vibration, but our proprietary core also addresses sound and vibration while incorporating additional construction techniques (or should it be technologies) to improve forward balance and feedback.  We believe this makes our shafts stand alone and results in a great playing shaft with superb accuracy, action, and power.  Take your game to the next level and invest in a carbon fiber cue shaft by Cue Crafter’s today!

  • Best Value
  • Superb Accuracy
  • Radial Consistency
  • Excellent Transfer of Power and English
  • Great Cue Ball Control
  • Extended Low-rise Taper
  • Silky Smooth Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Warpage
  • Available in most Joint Sizes
  • Many User Customizable Options Available
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Manufactured in the USA

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