About US

Welcome to Cue Crafter’s Trading Company! As you may have already guessed by our slogan, ”Bringing Cue Makers and Players Together”, our site is dedicated the art of cue making and passionate about the promotion of independent cue makers and collectors.

Having been a cue maker myself for over 20 years and a billiards enthusiast for my entire life, you can rest assured that my passion for the craft and love of the game will translate into traffic and promotion for your work.  Together, we can build a powerful brand and benefit from our collective popularity and wide base of followers.

This multi-vender online marketplace was designed to showcase the functional art of the independent cue maker and collectors of custom and rare antique cues.  The best part of this marketplace stands in its uniqueness.  Nobody has done anything like this before and that’s why there is a great opportunity for lesser known cue makers to garner the same recognition and exposure as do their more famous colleagues.  Working together as a team to build a cottage industry just doing what we all love so much!

After introducing you to the general idea, you may be wondering how the site works.  Well, buyers and sellers start by creating an account.  A single account is all that is needed to buy or sell on the site.  No membership or listing fees are charged.  The only fee that is collected is a small commission when an item is sold.  I item can be listed as long as you wish.  The vendor is responsible for shipping the item to the customer once payment has been received.  This allows the cue maker to retain possession of their work until it is sold and control over the sales price, unlike the many vendors out there that take possession of the cues and sell them on consignment.  When working with dealers on consignment, you only receive payment if they make a sale and only after they get their markup.  Here the cue maker is in control and that’s the way we like it.

So, yes there are commissions, but those are kept low for the benefit of the sellers and buyers.  Our passion at Cue Crafters is spreading word about your work and our collective craftsmanship.  Furthermore, as a father of a child with special needs, I know the struggle parents and children face and dedicate a sizeable portion of every dollar to care for others.  Cue Crafters was created with this mission in mind and we operate as a subsidiary of Heart Shop, LLC and donate funds through Welcoming Hearts, which is a local 501c3 dedicated to the support and education of parents and children with Special Needs. 

The choice to join Cue Crafters is in your hands, but know that we are dedicated to your success and will be there to assist you and help build your brand.  Feel great in knowing that we keep costs low, so that you are properly paid for your craftsmanship and that you are doing your part to help others less fortunate than you.

Need more incentive?  For a limited time we are offering free promotional items, like t-shirts and mugs, to our customers when they make their first sale or purchase.  Encourage others to join and help us advertise and promote our site and we’ll find something special to do for you too.  Just reach out and let us know what you are doing to help.  We truly appreciate it.